Wow, this discussion has gotten intense! I think we can all agree that we’ve run into some creditors that are really difficult to deal with. Everyone’s situation is different and we’ve all had to handle those situations in different ways. The important thing is, we’re all trying to *deal* with our debt now, which is good–but it’s hard.

Okay, so, deep breath, new subject: our cable tv bill – and we only have basic cable – has increased and increased to the point where we realized it’s ridiculous. I looked closely at my bill a couple of months ago and found out that there’s even a *more* basic plan, called “Broadcast Basic”. It’s only $18 per month!

With that and a decent Netflix account, we’ll save $25 on our monthly expenses.

So if you have cable and you don’t want to cut it completely, see if there’s a super-no-frills plan and it might save you money. Which you can put towards debt. Or food. Or gas. You get the idea.