Sorry, but what you are saying doesn’t make sense. If they are so unwilling to reason then they must have a reason. If they’ve done what they are going to do as you say then I guess its a non-issue? So why bring it up? If your loan(s) aren’t much that may be the reason why. Why they would want 1000 a month on a loan of 4600 makes no sense at all so there must be something you aren’t telling.

You say it was a whopping 4600 at the beginning of the year.. what was it originally? Something doesn’t add up because my spouse has been dealing with them for 16 years!!! What you are saying doesn’t make sense unless you are leaving out some things.

I never said it was a $1000 per month.

My loan was in default, but I never got any notifications from them. I have had a bad 5-6 years. They sent me a letter back in January, FIRST letter I had rec’d in about 3 years, and said that they were garnishing my checks unless I could prove to them that I didn’t have the money.

They said my current loans didn’t matter. that my rent was too high, that my electric was too high, and several other bills that I had they did not consider. And I had to pay them $253.09, I managed that for 7 months, and couldn’t do it anymore, I was running about $200 a month short before they demanded their money.

So now they are taking 15% of my check. I am about to be evicted because that money has to come from somewhere.

Anytime in that time frame they could have contacted me, but they never did, and yes, I probably should have contacted them, but sometimes we don’t make the right decisions. And when you don’t have $25 extra a month, you don’t see any point in contacting a very past-due debt, why wake up the sleeping beast.

I still can’t understand. They’ve sent my spouse numerous notices that he was in danger of “defaulting”.. they gave him what few options he had left which were few. I can’t understand why you haven’t had these options available to you or maybe you did and you exhausted them as my spouse did? I’m speaking of deferment, graduated payments, income-sensitive payments and more. Ignoring these people will not make them go away. You can ignore a credit card or some other bill but you cannot ignore the gov’t or the IRS. They will come to get what they feel they are entitled too no matter what your situation is and if you force them to that point they will be less then sympathetic.

If it’s your debt and you can’t pay they can come after your spouse and garnish their wages instead, take your tax returns and more. This is all written in the student loan contracts first off. It’s easy to ignore the fine print until you cant make the payment. I’m sure they did try to contact you many times I cant see why they wouldn’t. I wouldn’t wake up a sleeping beast either if it was some other bill but in the case of a debt of this nature its foolish to think you are flying under the radar and will get out of it. You won’t.

The fact that they are only taking 15% of your wages is something to be grateful for I think. I’ve heard they can take up to 35% if they want. What you are saying still does not make sense to me. My spouse has received threatening letters regarding garnishment etc. Nothing you are saying even sounds like what we’ve been thru. I’m not saying you didn’t encounter this I’m just saying it’s just not sounding like what we’ve gone thru. They’ve given us every opportunity to make things right and they’ve given us as many alternatives and options as they could that were not already exhausted.

I will say that talking to one rep doesn’t mean much. You can call back and get someone else who will tell you something completely different or who will be more than helpful in contrast to the first one kwim? But in all the dealings with them for 17 years now or whatever it been, we’ve never once had them make comments, suggestions or question our other living expenses like you are saying. Your living expenses are none of their business. If you try to get income sensitive payments they want to see your income. that’s it. Maybe you should seek help from an outside source, maybe an attorney or someone to make sure you are being treated fairly. Even when we filed Chapter 7 we didn’t have to explain our utility bills etc.

We had to list our living expenses but they were never questioned. Everyone is entitled to living expenses. Everyone has utility bills and living expenses etc. Is it possible that the person you spoke with made an out of line comment about your living expenses.. maybe you were trying to get them to consider or factor them in terms of your ability to make repayment and the person you spoke to said things that were inappropriate? It just doesn’t sound right to me.